Mission Statement

The mission of Apple Grove is to provide positive and nurturing foster homes to children and youth who come into care under the protection of the Department of Child and Family Services and the State, or parental placements, and administer quality mental health services accessible to the growing community. Apple Grove seeks to provide a safe and stable residential environment for children that have been separated from their parents because of neglect, physical abuse, tragedy, maltreatment, sexual abuse or any type of special circumstance. Apple Grove works to keep children and youth functioning at their highest level, in the least restrictive environment, and in the context of where the child or youth live and function. Our mission is to provide the children and youth with the resources, skills, and emotional support needed to function independently and as a family.


Apple Grove focuses on preventing instituitionalization of foster children, and providing them with stability so they will have a bright future. Apple Grove envisions a holisitic, wrap around service structure that will be able to address all the needs of the children, youth, and their families. Apple Grove strives to be a leader in providing quality foster care services combined with mental health services. "Every Child Deserves a Chance!"

Our Agency

Apple Grove is a specialized foster care agency established in 2006 in response to the growing need expressed by Clark County to provide care for children temporarily removed from their families for various reasons. Apple Grove focuses on preventing institutionalization of these children, and providing them with stability so they will have a bright future.